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Tree Assessments

Not sure if a tree on your property is at risk? Or want more information to preserve your trees? This peace-of-mind process is your crash course into tree care.

based in georgia, available for travel

Speaking & Seeking

I provide educational sessions for you or your green industry to learn how to scale. Learn simple business strategies to boost modern marketing, operations, and financial systems.

Tree Walks & Talks

Join Master Naturalist Kathryn Kolb, founder of EcoAddendum, and me in fun neighborhood and nature preserve walks in metro Atlanta and surrounding municipalities to discover how to maintain and sustain local trees.

tree risk assessments

services at a glace

I partner with you to provide a detailed diagnosis of your tree care needs. The goal is to educate you about ways to maintain tree integrity and save you money along the way. This service includes an on-site assessment to gather tree, landscape, and environmental data; develop reports that detail tree history, risk ratings, and share recommendations to mitigate potential threats; and give you a checkup call to discuss any landscape or tree changes or developments.


I offer a series of neighborhood walks and talks nationwide. During these tree and trail experiences, I show area residents,  small- to -large-scale property owners, and tree enthusiasts how to identify when a tree may be at risk to its community or your home. I share DIY tips about your specific tree life and why they're the best medicine you can get daily. Join me for casual conversations and fun photo ops with these powerful plants.

offered At neighborhood and HOmeowners' associations; State Botanical Gardens; local libraries and meetups; municipalities; and universities.


workshops, conferences, and expos


I guide green education and community enlightenment sessions in both indoor and outdoor classrooms. These workshops, seminars, and speaking tours are designed to help all age groups appreciate trees and understand how easily they can help steward their versions of nature. Through a series of discussion, hands-on activities, and visual collateral I’m able to connect people to careers and service leadership opportunities within the tree care ecosystem.

primary speaking topics

  • Green Industry Accounting
  • Becoming a Consultant in the Tree Care Industry
  • Soft Skills for Tree Care Professionals
  • Arborist Entrepreneur: Proper Business Setup for Success

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