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My  lived experiences as an ISA-certified arborist, accountant, and author are rooted in the belief that every tree has a story. Growing up on family farmland, trees became more than merely static entities for me. 

Instead, they’re dynamic beings that intricately link to our environmental, economic, and personal narratives. It’s my job to help educate communities about their role in our societal health and well-being.


Tree Assessments

Not sure if a tree on your property is at risk? Or want more information to sustain your trees? This peace-of-mind process is your crash course into tree care.

based in georgia, available for travel

& Seeking

I provide educational sessions for you or your green industry to learn how to scale. Connect with me for simple business strategies to boost modern marketing, operations, and financial systems.

Tree Walks & Talks

Join me for fun neighborhood
and preservation walks across communities to discover how to maintain local trees in your neck of nature.


debut novel

Thrilling. Lucrative. Spine-chilling.

After a startup unleashes innovative technology designed to preserve the “City in a Forest,” an entire tree care market spirals into unfamiliar territory as tree care professionals, industrial athletes, and green industry stakeholders struggle to maintain their edge in a new competitive landscape.

edward morrow

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The Tree Doctor
ISA-Certified Arborist
Tree Risk Educator

Edward combines his background as an accountant, arborist, and author to help tree care professionals build sustainable businesses and careers in arboriculture. He creates educational urban forestry programs for higher learning institutions to neighborhood associations. He developed and wrote outdoor-adventure novel series Tree S.T.A.R.S. to teach 21st-century explorers just how innovative and intricate the industry is.

Edward has been featured in EBONY Magazine, Tree Care Industry Magazine, Amazon Books, and as part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant project about rural farmers. He serves as a guest speaker for International Society of Arboriculture and Georgia Arborist Association. He’s also a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.