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International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist.

As an ISA certified arborist and accountant, I’ve always cared about our environment and keeping track of my clients’ outdoor business records accurately. My attention to details and love for nature have helped educate tree care professionals and grow operations for companies both small and large. Growing up in the South, I dedicate a lot of time training rural businesses. I mentor young entrepreneurs and businesses through programs hosted by Emory, Georgia Tech and Georgia College & State University. And it’s always important to share with companies of any industry ways of improving their business models from a financial perspective. I often work with private landowners, municipalities and commercial entities on strategies that will advance their urban forestry and plant health care initiatives.

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Countries recognize ISA credentials
Species of trees call earth home
ISA certified arborists around the world
People supplied a day's oxygen by 1 tree

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ISA Certified, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
Industry-standard arborist advice
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Do you know what your business model really is?

A business model is how your service delivers value to your customers or simply how you make money. I can help break down your business like a tree to get down to the root issues through this one-on-one strategy session.

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Want to know how to sustain your business financially in today’s digital economy? Let’s talk.

I help train senior leadership to tree care crews to 21st-century learners the ins and outs of developing a successful company in a competitive marketplace. I would love to have a conversation with you about speaking at an upcoming panel discussion, company workshop or professional conference.

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Are you confused or overwhelmed about business finance?

Learn advanced topics like accounting and business taxes in a fun, easy-to-comprehend session that will help you become better prepared when dealing with tax, accounting professionals.

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